January 10, 2007

About RHM

I am a dating and lifestyle mentor with two decades of adult dating, marriage, interpersonal and business development experiences.   I have been through a marriage and have been through a divorce.  I've unlocked the secrets of getting the kind of relationship you want.  You don;t have to settle for second-best.

Would you like to have lots of great options when it comes to women?

Whether you are a divorced dad back on the dating scene or a single professional with little or no success with women, I can help you.

I know what’s like to come face to face with a woman you find attractive and not have the right words to say.  You leave feeling disappointed and wondering how you could have handled it differently.

There are lots of beautiful women everywhere.  You’ve seen them, and they are not always with the best-looking guys.  Have you ever thought this, “I can’t believe she is with THAT guy.”

I know how to approach, meet, and talk to women.   I can teach you how to get phone numbers, what to say or text, how to spend one-on-one time alone with her.  I can teach you how to spend time with a woman without acting like a lovesick puppy.  I can teach you how to engage women with the right conversation skills and the best body language. 

These skills will serve you the rest of your life:
  • How to approach women in everyday life (like the one that got away)
  • How to talk with women in bars and clubs
  • How to find women that are attracted to you
  • How to establish a dominant frame in your relationships
  • How to keep a woman chasing you
  • How to maintain the type of relationship you want

Everyone needs a mentor.  We all have blind spots, lack of critical instruction, and someone who will help develop and hone our natural abilities.  With your choice of face-to-face instruction or phone and e-mail, I provide one-on-one mentoring to drastically improve your social skills, radically changing your personal and professional options.

What others have said:

He has a great ability to cut through all the bullshit and get to the meat of the matter when it comes to sticking points and internal attitudes. I STRONGLY recommend his coaching, especially those just starting out. M.P.

The fact of the matter is that I've hung out with him a lot, and he is as good at developing and maintaining multiple long term relationships (which is what I believe is one of the most important measurements of pick up success).

His attraction game is among the best I've seen anywhere. J.W.

I hope you’re ready to dump your weak habits and exponentially expand your options with women.

Email me at righthandmanifesto@gmail.com