July 11, 2012

Confidence is key


You may not be 100% confident in every area of your life. Who is?  Play to your strengths. We have all seen the dude with women that seemed to be out of his league.  How did that dude get that chick??? He played to his strength.

Looks, charm, physique, conversation, humor, intelligence, dance skills.

Any one of these can open the door to interactions with women.  Be confident in the realm in which you excel, use that to make yourself comfortable talking to anyone.  Why?  Because you rock the conversation or the dance floor or the humor or the looks or the battle of wits.

Once the door is open, recognize attraction and act on it.


July 25, 2011

Back in Black

Here we go folks...I am back.

Seems like past couple years I had written/said much of what I wanted to communicate.  Writing a weekly/bi-weekly blog and keeping the content fresh is easier said than done.  But, at the urging of more than a few people, I decided to start writing again.

I still encourage you to go back and read again my previous posts.  The ideas are still relevant and poignant.

Random update #1:

When you hit your 40's, "dating" a woman twenty years younger than yourself is like drinking from the fountain of youth.  It's crazy water. 

Not all women desire a May/December relationship, but there exist a certain female subset that are attracted to the matured man. You will have to talk to more than a few to find the women in this subset.

Random update #2:

In cases of strong mutual attraction between man and woman, the chemistry is like superglue.  Think about all the good things AND the bad things that happen with superglue.  I once accidentally glued my _______ to a _______.

Scary good stuff.

Random update #3:

Why do men need more than one woman?  Here's a nice video clip... catch the answer.

Random update #4:

One more reminder for sales or women:  Recognize attraction and act on it.

Stay tuned,


May 7, 2010

Everybody needs a mentor...

Whether it's throwing a baseball, swinging a golf club, or making a sales presentation... we all  learned it from somebody.  The problem is that your Average Frustrated Guy never had a father, big brother, or buddy (who was good with women) teach him what to say and how to act around women.

If you are not good with women, you WILL have to learn "how-to-do-it" from someone.

I've hung out with lots of guys.  I've seen the guys who score with women.   I've seen the guys that latch on to the first decent girlfriend they can find.  The guys that hang out with me have seen the good, the hot, and the ugly.  It's transparency among friends.

Here is the problem with gurus: you buy the marketing.  You have no actual idea of their ability to consistently get hot women or maintain mutually beneficial relationships with women.  You spend so little time with them, it's just not a mentoring relationship.

I had a buddy help me with women... we spent COUNTLESS hours of trial and error in social venues.  Trying, succeeding, and also failing.  He would give me honest feedback, sometimes brutal and he was also there to high-five me.

Every man, who ever became good at something, had a mentor.

Where will you find a mentor?  Are dvds and books the substitute for spending serious time with socially successful guys?  Will you try to learn it from routines?  Will you learn it all in a weekend bootcamp?

Will you find someone who lives in your city who is good with women?  Will you make the effort to be a good and reliable wingman?  Are you willing to bring something to the table in exchange for the help from others?