July 25, 2011

Back in Black

Here we go folks...I am back.

Seems like past couple years I had written/said much of what I wanted to communicate.  Writing a weekly/bi-weekly blog and keeping the content fresh is easier said than done.  But, at the urging of more than a few people, I decided to start writing again.

I still encourage you to go back and read again my previous posts.  The ideas are still relevant and poignant.

Random update #1:

When you hit your 40's, "dating" a woman twenty years younger than yourself is like drinking from the fountain of youth.  It's crazy water. 

Not all women desire a May/December relationship, but there exist a certain female subset that are attracted to the matured man. You will have to talk to more than a few to find the women in this subset.

Random update #2:

In cases of strong mutual attraction between man and woman, the chemistry is like superglue.  Think about all the good things AND the bad things that happen with superglue.  I once accidentally glued my _______ to a _______.

Scary good stuff.

Random update #3:

Why do men need more than one woman?  Here's a nice video clip... catch the answer.

Random update #4:

One more reminder for sales or women:  Recognize attraction and act on it.

Stay tuned,



  1. keep on posting, rhm!

  2. Hello HRM,

    It would be handy to have a page with all the posts you've written. Just a suggestion :)

  3. I had one up before... I'll try to find a suitable one. Thanks...

  4. I just watched your advice for men in their twenties. You have some good points to be sure. But you have some double standards and blind spots around women.

    If you're busy "not chasing" a woman, she may want to be busy "not chasing" you, especially if she's the sort of woman who "enjoys talking to you when she sees you, but doesn't need to see you all the time." And if a woman cooks for you, she has every right to expect you pay for dinner when you go out. Cooking is hard work, and includes marketing for the groceries, (which also cost money) and cleaning up afterwards. Also, with leadership comes responsibility. A man who pays for things is expressing his love for his girlfriend; he is not trying to buy her love. Rather, he is indicating that he will be a good provider, and will be able to lead a family.

    Altogether though, you have some good points. You could expand the section on feminism some more.

    1. Cooking and buying groceries is not "hard" work. It is time-consuming. I cook well, all the time.

      I have no problem with a man providing for his family. Does his wife embrace the role of nurturer/caregiver for the children or does she want to compete in the marketplace?

      If a man is dating a woman, he is merely dating her. He should not be her provider until she stays home with his babies/children.

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    2. Continued, part 3...

      In the video you say that once a man travels to "foreign countries" and sees the way men are treated by women he will realize the way men are treated in the US as a joke (or worse).

      You also lament for some mythical past when "men were men and women were women, each with their roles which rarely crossed".

      When and where was this? When was there ever a time in history when non-aristocratic or otherwise non-priveleged women did not have to work outside the home to feed themselves and their famiies?

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    4. I deleted OM Shanti's other three comments due to the trolling nature of attacking the me, as the blog author, as a strategy to discredit my beliefs.

      As to the general gist of my blog, I live in a euro/western society and provide dating advice geared to said societies.

  6. Convenient. I didn't "attack" you. I want to know why you think single parent dating is in any way, shape or form good for the children of single parents.

    How does it benefit and not harm the kids?

  7. "If a man is dating a woman, he is merely dating her. He should not be her provider until she stays home with his babies/children."

    Similarly, if a woman is dating a man, she is merely dating him. She should not be his provider of meals until he provides her with meals.

    Dating should be restricted to doing free stuff together that does not require money, labor or cooking, like taking walks or bike rides.

    Dating is also the traditional domain of never married, child-free, young people.


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