June 15, 2007

Things to tell your Dad

Father’s Day

Call your Dad on Sunday or go see him, there’s a few things you could tell him:

Thank him for putting up with you during the teenage years
Thank him for letting you live at home entirely too long
Thank him for putting food on the table when you were a kid
Thank him for being a good example (I didn’t say perfect)
Thank him for not killing you when you fought with your siblings
Thank him for going to see your ball games when you were in school
Thank him for all the good advice you should have heeded
Thank him for letting you borrow the car when you had none
Thank him for teaching you how to drive
Thank him for tolerating your friends when they stayed over
Thank him for taking you on vacations as a kid

He loves you more than he could ever express to you.
He loves you more than you could ever know.


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  1. This post really hits home with me, solid stuff.


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