February 12, 2008

Culitvate your talents...

What would you attempt, if you knew you couldn't fail?

Part of becoming an attractive man (a man who attracts hot women) is to become a man of substance. There's more to you than just smooth talk and a pretty face. There's more to you than the last woman you took to bed.

Do you like photography? Hone your skills, become great at it.

Do you like music? Learn how to play an instrument, I recommend the acoustic guitar for it's general appeal and portability.

Do you like to cook? Watch the food network & practice. Wow her in the kitchen.

Do you like sports? Don't just be a gym rat, compete on the field. Run road races. Join a social sports league. Learn to play social sports like tennis & golf.

Do you like talking to people? Join a networking group. Join a meetup.com group. Go to upscale happy hours.

Do you like to travel? Go as many places as you can by plane, train, and automobile. There are probably some great places within 2 hours of your house. You will collect great stories.

Do you like helping people? Find a charity, relative or loved one that could use your assistance. Do it on a regular basis.

Finding a few of these things to be passionate about gives you substance. Other people recognize substance. Your passions make you attractive.


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