May 27, 2007

You're a man

I won't be the first in a long line of men who feel that western civilization has taken (is taking) something from men.

But I will make a confession, I (we/many of us) have allowed western culture to take away our manhood. Our masculinity. Our maleness. Our cojones. Inch by inch, we've lost precious ground to the feminism that seeks to destroy our natural roles as leaders, hunters, and protectors.

Attacking feminism directly, does little good. The good fight is personal change. Reclaim the ground you were born to hold. It's your birthright. I am talking about pursuing inner change, at the core of your identity. Learning to embrace the fact that you have testosterone coursing through your veins.

Along with many better men that have told you the same thing... I am here to say that it's okay to act like a man. Forget what your mother said, forget that teachers told you to behave, don't take the feminist party line from your wife, ex-wife, girlfriend or lover. Set your own stage. Determine on your own how you will behave or not behave.

It's up to you, and you alone. No one else is going to grab your big-boy pants from around your ankles and pull them up. Secretly, women want you to be strong. They just don't want to give back the power that you have ceded to them.

But guess what? We're taking it back, one brother at a time. Rock your world and theirs... take back your birthright. You're a man.


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