May 28, 2007

Who are you dating?

"Warning Will Robinson, warning!"

In the classic 1960’s television show, Lost in Space, a family of galactic travelers roams the cosmos. In the show, the robot had a protective role for the adolescent space pioneer, Will Robinson. With his incredible sensors, the robot would warn young Will of imminent danger… aliens, spacecraft, or impending harm.

"Warning, Will Robinson, warning!" Here are your warning signs before you venture off into the hostile territory of the alien planet:

She only has sex when she feels like it
She wants a big wedding
She is concerned about the size and quality of jewelry
She spends a lot of time at the mall
She never offers to pay (with her money) for a date
She has small career aspirations but no desire for children
She flirts with other men around you
She is obsessively concerned with her appearance
She is overweight and/or has health problems
She hides her recreational drug use
She has relationship problems with her father/mother/family
She is over 30 and has never been married
She lacks parenting skills
She quotes Oprah or Dr. Phil
She has no skills in the kitchen
She has no skills in bed (yes, it’s necessary I add this)

Now, one of these things may be tolerable. However, if she has a combination of more than one of these signs, “warning, Will robinson, warning.” Long-term relationships are tough enough with a normal, happy, frugal, mentally & physically healthy woman. Why make it tougher than it needs to be?

You cannot change anyone. I repeat: you cannot change anyone. It doesn’t matter how logical, persuasive, or brilliant you are in your own mind.

Get over your messiah complex. She cannot be saved. There is some poor sucker out there who will make her a fine, pussy-whipped mate. But it won't be you.

If she is fun for a little while, enjoy her favors. But do not get involved in a long term relationship.

If this is your woman, you will have to take a long, hard look at the price you will eventually pay if you do not get out now.


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