June 21, 2007

Let's play house!

Here’s the latest confirmation…

So I am out last night at a social happy hour geared toward professionals at an upscale location. I strike up a conversation with a group of five women, all of whom happen to be married. It's interesting that women who have been married more than a few years seem quite eager to converse with men other than their husbands. They were all attractive, in shape, and nicely dressed.

One pretty blonde in particular, with a warm personality and cute figure, took an interest in my conversation. She was explaining with great admiration how wonderful and interesting her husband happens to be. He's funny, he dances well, and they are soooo happy.

I decided to go for the jugular and find out about this great marriage.

RHM: How many times a week do you have sex?

Her: Ummm, well, let’s see… we TRY weekly.

RHM: Once a week!

Her friend: Hey, they DO have small children.

Her: Yeah, it’s just tough sometimes. We're working on it.

RHM: This is why I only date latinas. Sometimes, once a day is not enough for them. There's no way I would ever go back a situation like yours.

Yeah, that pretty much left them speechless. How does a gringa top that?

This is an attractive, middle to upper class wife with great social skills. See how sex is just not that important to her? This is a woman who genuinely seems to think her husband is a great guy! Can you imagine if she was pissed at him?

If you are married, you already identify with what I am saying. I feel your pain. Sorry, bro. It's tough to think that you will probably become an infidelity statistic.

But, if you are a young man and think that it would be fun to “settle down” and "play house"... it's not a game.

You can’t say you weren’t warned.


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