July 24, 2007

Single men: act more like a hot babe

Exhibit A: Last weekend, I had a date set up with a woman. I called her the day of the date to confirm and let her know the agenda. She stalled and balked, she was fishing for a different activity. I had to finish some business and when she waited too long to call me back, I made plans with a buddy, and left her hanging. It's been about four days, and I still haven't called her. Am I interested? Yes. Does she know that? Right about now, she is thinking no. I like the push and pull, so I will call her again.

Exhibit B: Eight days ago, I had a intimate, romantic rendezvous with a woman. She told me she doesn't share, haha. The next four days she hit me hard and heavy with texts and messages. I ignored her. Only responded with one message. Fast forward to yesterday. I saw her again, she was so happy to see me and actively showed me.

Exhibit C: One evening last week; I met, conversed, and connected with two different women. They both individually agreed to hang out again. I have called and texted them both. One responded but is being elusive. The other has ignored me.

How do I deal with all these women?

It's pretty funny what most guys will forgive/overlook when chasing a hot piece of ass. (Don't you just love that chauvinistic terminology?) I've been as guilty of it as the next guy.

Here are a few of the things the hot women do:

Don't call you back right away
Ignore your phone calls and text messages
Wait a few days to answer your email
Cancel on a date at the last minute
Expect you to buy the drinks/dinner/tickets
Don't talk to you again after you've knocked boots
Flirt with you to keep you chasing for weeks

I think it is good to adopt some of the above actions when dealing with women. But it's hard to do this unless you have the following pieces in place:

1) A list of other life goals that you are accomplishing, it's good for your self esteem

2) More than one woman with whom you are interested in spending time, the more the better

3) A regular method of adding prospects to your rotation

Once you realize that one woman will not make or break you, you are free to act like it doesn't matter how she responds. You can act like a hot piece of ass. How's that for messing with her mindset?

It's confirmed for me on a weekly basis, women dig it when you are a challenge. Being difficult just makes them want you more.


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