August 7, 2007

No apology necessary

Last week, a brazilian woman told me that one big difference, between American men and men in her country, is that American men apologize too much. What? Seems like we have been trained to be too polite. Cutting in line, bumping someone in a crowd, or some perceived rudeness must be followed by remorse.

Lots of times we apologize for just being men. Being aggressive, being bold, acting wild, and being sexually charged. I believe that the word "sorry" crosses our lips far too often.

We need to reframe our minds that many times "no apology is necessary."

I am a man, therefore:

I like sex
I am competitive
I piss standing up
I fight for my loved ones
I like bikinis
I like breasts
I like women's butts
I like legs (get the picture?)
I like a challenge
I like to walk in front
I am not afraid of the dark
I like to go fast
I catch what I chase
I know when not to chase
I belch (even when no one is around)
I like getting dirty
I flirt with women
I speak my mind


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