November 27, 2007

Let me get your number...

I was channel surfing and stopped on "The Girls Next Door", the show about the three hot rocket scientists who are Hugh Hefner's live-in girlfriends. (I watch it for the storyline...) In this episode, they are trying to find a girlfriend for Kendra's cousin or brother, I don't remember who he is... anyways, they invite him to a party at the mansion. The scene "successfully" culminated with some hot bunny giving the poor schlump her phone number. Then the "Girls Next Door" secretly watching the moment, high-five each other and exclaim... "mission accomplished, he got the digits!" What??? So what, he talked to the girl nervously for 5 minutes... she's never going to return his call.

Many guys make the mistake of thinking a phone number signifies a successful interaction with a woman. Rubbish. It's a minor detail.

I believe the deeper level of game is this:

did we connect well enough to create a desire to see me again?

A phone number is only as good or bad as the interaction. Be the fun, cool, sexy guy that she wants to hang out with again. The phone number is just a minor detail compared to the interaction.

If you communicate, during your initial conversation, the idea of doing something together you both enjoy, she will want to talk with you again. If she strongly DESIRES to see you again, she will return your call.

Here are some that I have successfully used:

"let's go canoeing on the river, I don't do boring dates"

"cool, you like to salsa dance, we have to go do that together."

"do you have a bike? we can ride the _________ trail together."

You could use tennis, putt-putt golf, the beach... anything fun.

Who cares if we ever get around to doing these things, I probably won't (at least not until we have sex)... but I am creating the image that we will have FUN together when we hang out.

You have to remember there exists a shelf life for that mental state you created with her, wait too long and that DESIRE to see you will weaken.


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