April 24, 2008

What does she brings to the table?

What a woman can bring to the table:

Nurture (physical affection, listening ear, words of encouragement)

Sexual relationship (she enjoys it, she initiates it, she seeks to please you)

Hospitality (cooking for you, has your favorite beverage, knows how to make people feel comfortable in your/her home)

Companionship (she is interested in helping you achieve your goals in life)

Child bearing (she has the desire and mental health to raise good kids)

Pay attention to the following signs… these women rarely bring anything to the table

Any three of these:

  • She tells you how much she enjoys eating out
  • She does not get sexual with you by the third date
  • She tells you that she doesn’t cook
  • She is affectionate but always asks what the next date is going to be
  • She doesn’t invite you over just to hang out
  • She says that she is taking an emotional risk with you
  • She has predominantly couple/married friends
  • She still lives with her parent(s)
  • She is annoyed with children

The signs at her apartment or home:

  • A little basket by the sofa filled with frayed cat toys.
  • Dr. Phil's "Love Smart" on the premises
  • Cat hair / cat smell on the furniture
  • Overflowing shoe rack but no good liquor
  • Fridge serves as more of a museum of condiments than a dispenser of nutrition. Only no one is curating it.
  • Birth Control Packet with pills for Monday and Tuesday still in the case (it's Wednesday)

Now that you know what to avoid, here's what it should look like...

The home of the “single woman knows how to please a man”:

  • Whole place is clean and well-kept
  • A dog... clean and well-behaved
  • Comfortable, matching furniture
  • Choice of liquors and mixers
  • Refrigerator stocked with real food
  • Clean sheets and her bed is made

What she says:

  • Do you like it when I touch you like this?
  • I am cooking something you’ll love.
  • Sit down, relax, let me get you a drink.
  • You are a great guy.
  • Hello, handsome.
  • When can you come see me?

Yes, Virginia, there are still plenty of women like this and I have heard these things with my own ears…



  1. i've been on your blog all of 2 minutes and just read this, you fucking nailed it.

  2. wait a minute, whats wrong with cats??
    Im a typical cat-person with everything that usually entails (left-wing, atheist bookworm, scatterbrtained intelectual, liberal arts, hates sports etc) and I seek a woman with similar values and aesthetic choices. Chosing a dog-girl might actually lead to a disaster, I not only dont like dogs, but i dont like dog-type personalities (square, sporty, righ wing religious and loud).


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