March 28, 2008

Do you have an abundance mentality?

a·bun·dance [uh-buhn-duhns]

1. an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply

Abundance mentality: there are plenty of women out there who are attracted to me.

Some of the signs you have it:

You interact with everyone from a non-needy mindset.

You are a chill dude, who (acts like he) gets laid a lot.

You don’t get reactive when a woman doesn't respond well.

If a set goes bad, you don’t obsess about it.

If a set goes good, you don’t obsess about it.

If a woman ignores your calls/texts, you shrug it off.

You can have fun without trying to pickup women.

Some of the signs you don’t have it:

You think that your wingman is wasting a set and that you could do much better.

Beating yourself up mentally about how you could’ve performed better.

Blaming yourself when a woman acts nutty, flakes, or generally acts like a woman with you.

Thinking way too much about any one woman after an interaction, after a date, after sex.

Getting out of one relationship with a woman and jumping immediately back into another one.


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