February 24, 2008

Are you a sucker?

It's not my job/obligation/duty to feed or entertain a woman who I am interested in sexually. Buying meals/movies/drinks will not get you laid. Charm, charisma, and confidence will get you laid. I am interested in attracting and seducing her versus entertaining her.

Example #1: I met a woman and spent $4.63 on coffee for both of us. That's it. I had sex with her on 5 different occasions. Oops, one time I ordered a pizza delivery.

Example #2: I have been hanging out with another woman for 9 months; I took her to coffee once and to drinks another time. I have not bought her dinner or any gifts. And yes, she is a very pretty, great shape, sane woman.

Are all women like this? Probably not. But all woman will follow the ground rules you establish. If you start out buying/paying for everything... that's the way it's going to be with her. If you take turns paying, then you are on solid footing.

Here's something I think many guys learn deeply AFTER they have been married: Women will use you for your money. They have no qualms about it and their reward system is not fairly balanced. Just watch those Real Housewives of Orange County on that lame TV show.

Now, the younger American women still buy into this and have no problem letting you pay for a movies/meals/dates and still not give you any pussy.

So why spend the money? I cannot come up with a good reason yet. Oh yeah, I just thought of one: if the woman is staying at home to raise your child, go ahead and pay for the date. Other than that, you could be a sucker.

If I want a "date", I will invite a woman over & cook dinner for her for the following reasons. 1) If she says yes, she knows that sex is on the menu; 2) I establish myself as a socially calibrated man that is self-sufficient with most of his act together.



  1. It is truthfully very sad that you have an agenda with every woman you meet. What about enjoying the moment and seeing what happens without expectations. The unfortunate thing is that men that really feel like you are not content with themselves or happy about life. And even more sadly, do not really like women. Having a deep connection and caring relationship is a wonderful and most satifying feeling. Playing the field constantly and endless sex with different partners doesn't in the end in my opinion have much value. Anyone can get laid, not everyone is capable of being a complete person. It is up to that individual to come full circle.
    Just the viewpoint of someone with lots of life experience!

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