August 10, 2008

Keep them coming back

Women like to return regularly to my house. I don’t have a big place, a hot tub, a pool or a plasma TV. But I make it a cool place to hang… it’s simple and any guy can do it.


  • Especially the kitchen sink, kitchen floor, bathroom sinks, tub & toilets.
  • Bleach is effective, inexpensive, and smells clean. Clean sends a good message.
  • I don’t leave unfolded laundry in plain site.
  • Clean sheets and my bed is made

Good hospitality

  • I usually offer wine (correct size glasses), beer (ice cold mugs), iced tea, juices, or water
  • I show then the bathroom first so they feel free to use it.
  • I ask them if they are hungry. 99% of them say “no thanks.”
  • Are you too cold? (set the thermostat cool for female guests.)
  • Clean towels that I offer if they want to shower. Shower gel and a new, extra toothbrush is classy touch.


  • I have a comfortable couch.
  • I have a big comfortable bed
  • Candles are cool: ambient lighting and aroma
  • I have no pets, but if you do, prevent the licking and slobber

Keep them coming back for more.


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