September 3, 2009

How will you spend it?

Finding sex versus being social is the same difference as spending versus investing money.

Let’s look at money for a minute… Mmmm… money. Spending money provides immediate gratification; it feels good to buy something. You finally fulfill the want or longing that has been in your gut. The desire is quenched.

Let’s go shopping. Let’s spend some money and get some gratification. Everyone loves to do it. Men usually shop for toys… electronics, cars, boats, and recreational equipment.  The alternative to shopping is: to buy less and invest more.

No one gets too excited about investing. 

Investing creates long term benefits of wealth creation and subsequent dividends. Only a small percentage of people get excited about investing in financial instruments.

Shopping will make you poor. Investing will make you rich.

Read that again.

How does this relate to your social life?

When you attend a social function or go out for an evening with friends to different venues (bars, clubs, parties); you only have so much emotional energy to give away. Many are shy and never hit the wall, but believe me, meeting people, striking up conversations, and making friends takes energy. You only have a finite amount of energy to use before you need to recover.

Investing in social interactions with many people will reward you with a rich social life.

Will you spend your social energy OR invest your social energy?

Many guys squander their social energy on finding sex. Buy now, save later. They use their words and energy on finding a companion for the night. They ignore the process of making friends and creating advocates. Some of the best pick-up artists are guys that have very few close “normal” friends.

Spend the same energy in the ongoing work of creating a strong social sphere and you will find greater enjoyment in your social outings. Instead of going home empty-handed or stringing together a greatest hits list of one-night-stands, you will continue build your social network every week.

Investing will make you rich.


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