September 10, 2009

Strengthen your frame

A frame is a structural system that supports other components.

Your mental/emotional/psychological frame supports all your social interaction skills.  If you have a strong frame you will have strong interactions.  Strengthen your frame and your skills will follow.  Strengthen your frame and others will be attracted to you.

What can you do to strengthen your frame?

Build relationships with like-minded male friends
Get some good male friends with some of the following qualities:
  • Voracious readers
  • Seasoned travelers
  • Active athletes
  • Wise investors
  • Social experts
  • Interested listeners
  • Fun compatriots
Not everyone needs to orbit around you daily or weekly.  Don’t just ditch people who bring you down, because you may be the one bringing them up. Just create a little more time and space between you and them.  Those would be people who are addicted, negative, possessive, depressed, socially un-calibrated, or bizarre. 

Develop your spirituality
It’s not all by happenstance… there’s more to life than you can touch, see, feel, hear, and taste.  Find a path and devote some time weekly to it.

Stop chasing women
Don’t go out of your way to interact with a woman.  Think more like a hot babeConsider yourself to be the prize she seeks.

Read, read, read… 
  •  Don’t over-indulge on self-help books. 
  • Don’t consume yourself blind with health/nutrition/fitness materials.  
  • Don’t overdose on fiction.  
  • Read real life biographies of successful men, adventurers, leaders, world-changers, and humble heroes.

Invest time in your hobbies
Travel, play recreational/social sports (not just gym time), making music, photography, writing… whatever it is, become better at it.

These things keep your focus on a well-rounded, full life and less on the over-abundance or lack of sex in your life.  Strengthen your frame and be surprised to find who you attract.


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