December 17, 2009

Random but important

Couple random thoughts I'd like to share...

A fool and his money are soon parted. 

Spending money on a  woman is a complete non-necessity.  It probably hurts your chances of getting laid. The only thing that matters is your confident response of acting on the attraction you recognize she has towards you.  Most guys puss out when the chick  is really hot and then break this rule.  If you don't pay for her drinks/entertainment/meals and she still bangs you, without a doubt, she is into your chili.

You cannot out-train a bad diet.

You want to look better?  Change the way you eat permanently and trade-in processed carbs for healthy fats.   Only train once a week.  The real pain is saying no to breads, doughs, grains, rice, chips, potatoes, starches and sugar.  Go paleo. Hunter/gatherer diet that is... google it.

Be more social

Most of the time you will have to initiate the plans to hang out with male and female friends.  So what?  Are you going to sit home and jack off to porn or play video games?  Call or text somebody and make it happen.

Do not get one-itis.

This means that you focus only on one girl until she breaks your heart or becomes too difficult.  If she does not match up to your dream girl, then why are you still exclusively with her?  Spend more time with other women and your buddies.


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  1. Advice men my age need more than ever. Keep beating your drums man... my generation needs it.


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