August 31, 2007

More than one! Are you crazy?

Our society doesn't take too kindly to a guy having more than one girlfriend.

Think of all the words that have negative connotations: player, womanizer, Casanova, Don Juan, philanderer, lady's man, wolf... just to name a few. It's much more culturally acceptable in other parts of the world. It's even in the bible. (RHM, you can't say that!) Many early jewish patriarchs had multiple wives.

Sometimes, it's problematic; but real men like challenges and the consequential rewards. I am here to look at the bright side of maintaining multiple-long-term-relationships (MLTR's)with several women. Even when you read that, some guilty thoughts enter your mind. You need to work on that.

Let's look at the upside:

1) The flaws that she has will not bother you as much because you are not tied solely to her

2) You don't act all goofy on one woman and forget your masculinity in the chase for sex

3) Variety. It's the spice of life.

4) One woman does not control you.

5) You spend a lot less money, because you no longer date to "woo." Hell, you don't even have to date. You now spend quality time with more than one lady. That's what the relationship part means: it's no longer about impressing her.

MLTRs, not popular with a whole lot of people... but a hell of a lot of fun.


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